Monday, March 21, 2011

The Other McCain's Rule 38

Somewhere back in time, Stacy McCain listed some blogging rules to enable one's potential for getting a million hits on your blog. It was not an exhaustive list, but an effective list that included principles such as the Full Metal Jacket Reach-Around and pictures of pretty girls attract viewers. Because of workable brevity there are several important principles that he didn't name, however. One is rule 38.

Stacy McCain's Rule 38 mixes some of the other rules. First, to get hits on your blog it is a good idea to be alive. Remaining alive sometimes can only be fulfilled with a full metal jacket Rule 38 reach around by a pretty girl.

Here is an example of the successful usage of Rule 38:

Pretty Girl

Life Threatening Intruder

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around

(H.T. Don Surber.)

1 comment:

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