Saturday, March 19, 2011

President Obama Picks Kansas State to Beat Wisconsin Tonight

As President Obama has selected Kansas State to defeat the Wisconsin Badgers this evening, supporters are mobilizing to help assure the efficacy of his pick.

Organizing for America, the AFL-CIO, AFSCME, and various other unions have loaded busses bound for Madison, Wisconsin and around the country to protest in attempt to intimidate the Badger coaches, players, fans, and their families. Picketers are occupying the Kohl Center and practice facilities, chanting and banging on drums.

Protesters are encouraging tournament and game officials to leave the state of Arizona in an effort to delay a Wisconsin win.

There is also a move to start recall efforts against Badger coach Bo Ryan and his assistant coaches.

In the event that the game goes on and Wisconsin were to win, Obama supporters are seeking to find a federal judge to issue an injunction stopping the notarization and publication of the Wisconsin victory.

Although they have not participated in the NCAA Badger hype, Ann Althouse and Meade are preparing for basketballs to be thrown onto their lawn.

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