Tuesday, March 29, 2011

World Protesting Federation Cage Match


A good friend and I plan on attending an upcoming protest in Madison yet to be determined. Bob is a member of AFSCME and I am a Tea Partier.

Bob will be carrying an 'Impeach Walker' sign and I will be carrying a convertible sign that I am constructing:

The original on the left will convert with a small rod to the one on the right. This will enable me to mingle with Bob's anti-Walker crowd and at a convenient photo-op time, I will change it to the anti-protester sign on the right.

Where video cameras are shooting, Bob and I will commence to 'punching each other out' with fake blood and everything. We are working diligently on our precision choreography.

We will especially be looking for New Media Meade plying his avocational skills.


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