Friday, April 29, 2011

The New Castrati Attack Paco

Now that the 'Paco for President' juggernaut is starting to move into high gear the Progressives are trying to nip at his heals like tiny yipping chihuahuas. Any time a super stud like Paco dares step out of the mass of humanity, the new Castrati boldly attack while hiding in their basements, behind bushes, and from safely far away.

The newest cheap shot on this great American by these carrion sucking worms are inane questions about Paco's birth certificate. We will stimulate their anal sphincters to clamp down around their pencil necks as their pointy heads are forced further into their recta.

Here is a copy of Paco's full form birth certificate:

I can hear them exclaim, "See, Paco was born in Mexico and therefore is not eligible to be POTUS!"

To the contrary, Mr. Dingleberry, as you well know, that President Obama's executive order added states to bring the country's total to 57 and Mexico just happens to be one of those. Paco is in, so go back to sucking toilet water.

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