Friday, April 08, 2011

Unions, Apple Pie, Grandpa's Wisdom, Name Droppings, and Beer


-As I consider them to be in competition, I've often wondered why the rank and file private sector union members are so supportive of public sector unions. I think that I have finally come to reasonable terms on this issue. The private unionist needs the public unionist to hand out his unemployment checks followed by his welfare benefits.

-The Liberal's credo: We have a right to a larger piece of the pie that we have labored to make smaller.

-Grandpa's cynical political druthers: "I'druther eat Republican dog food than be summoned before ObamaCare's Death Panels."

-What's in a name? 1) 'Kloppenburg': Village of dropping dung sounds. (Located just a stone's throw away from the village of Fartenburg.)  2) 'Beloit' (Wi): The sound of a turd dropping into the Rock River. 3) 'Libya': Arabic for quagmire.

-Historical note:

"You will notice that we didn't dump any beer, whiskey, or rum into Boston harbor."

Samuel Adams, Brewer and Patriot

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