Saturday, September 17, 2011

Is Obama Clinically Depressed?

Or Just Suffering from Low Testosterone? (Low T)

Today Rush Limbaugh was having some fun with an item on (no link)

It seems that Gawker heard that the New York Times was preparing a story about President Obama suffering from clinical depression that they had heard from somebody else who had talked to someone else whose cousin knew somebody that had a friend that claimed that POTUS suffered with the condition.

If there is any truth to this claim, I would tend to think that the fundamental problem is Low T.

Rockin' Mom jeans and styling a pitch like a Sally:

There are three types of Low T with which we must concern ourselves.

- There's the Low T that has seen a lot of advertisement lately:

There's a drug or snake oil formula for that.

- The second type of Low T causes many to feel depressed:

Tiger must suffer from this type of Low T, and President Obama may as well. Taking up bowling may assuage this suffering.

- The third known type of Low T is quite common and has also been called Low T T.

There is no known cure for this type of Low T T.

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