Saturday, September 10, 2011

Obama, the Anti-Icarus

In American mythology one story stands out above all the rest. It is a story of a young talented man striving with all his being to break out from among the slings, arrows, and reality of the common unwashed masses.

The evil Founding Fathers caused two men to be exiled among the Cretins. Jeremias Wrighticus and Saul Alinskius were among the banished as socialist dreamers. These two men had a spiritual nephew named Barakius. Barakius excelled in body and mind above them all. In order to assist Barakius' escape from among the Cretins, his uncles fashioned a resume made of wax and fitted them onto Barakius. Barakius knew that his talent would allow him to soar without practice or experience. He fitted the wings to his back, stood over the abyss, and leaped off confident that he could reach his target.

Down, down, down Barakius soared with the hopes of a dependent populace on his shoulders. However, Barakius ignored the warnings of those who came before him. As he dragged the entire nation closer to Hell with each wing flap, the policy feathers of wax began to melt. Soon his wings were no more.

Fortunately, Barakius had two thing going for him that kept him from perishing entirely. One, he is a lightweight and two, he is full of hot gas. Instead of plunging to his demise, he simply floated back to the abyss' rim where he continued to remain among the Cretins in their world of reality.

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