Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Type of Science that Started the Global Warming Hoax

Modern-Modern Science

Article title: Female promiscuity may be nature's way of dealing with inbreeding, research claims

First picture in article:

Some key conclusions:
Prof Matthew Gage said: “By generating inbred populations, we were able to create real risks of high genetic incompatibility between reproducing males and females, and expose the mechanisms that females possess to promote fertilization by the most compatible males and their sperm.

'These exciting results show how this common but paradoxical mating pattern can evolve if females use it to avoid reproducing with genetically incompatible males.

'Exactly how females filter the most compatible sperm is not yet understood. They might simply mate more frequently, and allow the ‘best sperm to win’, which would work if winning sperm are from males who have themselves avoided inbreeding depression.

'Or they might choose to mate most with the less related males, perhaps using olfactory cues, thereby concentrating their sperm stores from those males.
Test subjects from which conclusions were drawn:

Who performed this research?

Academics from the University of East Anglia...

Uhhh, could we check your emails, please?

And likely as not, the research was legitimate while the method of reporting in the science section sucked.

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