Monday, November 28, 2011

Planned Parenthood- Rhetoric and Reality

A Tale of Two Pities
1)  From the Paly Voice: Palo Alto High School's Hub for Student Publications, by Grace Harris (presumably a student there).

Denial of Planned Parenthood funds to yield negative effects

On February 18, the House of Representatives passed an amendment that would eliminate all federal funding to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, an organization devoted to providing reproductive health care to any and all who need it.[...]

For many Americans, especially those living in poorer areas, Planned Parenthood is the only place where women, men and young adults can find affordable health care. In a time when millions of Americans live in poverty and the unemployment rate is almost ten percent, it is disgusting that Congressmen and women are spending their time destroying an organization whose only goal is to provide safe, affordable health care.

2) A young University of Houston student, not yet married, without health insurance, and fearing that she is pregnant:

Planned Parenthood to Pregnant Woman: Can’t Help You w/o Abortion

Away from home, she called her parents, afraid. Uninsured–and a victim of lie that Planned Parenthood is there to help people like them–her parents sent her to Planned Parenthood to get help,[...]
The same day I called them and told them that I had a blood test and it confirmed pregnancy, and I needed to see if I could see a doctor about prenatal care and what I could and couldn’t do, and what would keep the baby healthy. They then told me that unless I had a sexually transmitted disease or wanted an abortion that they could no longer help me. I said so y’all do not help pregnant women? They told me no that they didn’t have doctors for pregnant women.

Addison is a student at the University of Houston, which is very close to the Planned Parenthood “abortion supercenter” on the Gulf Freeway in Houston. In fact, we took a Bound4LIFE focused Call there in January 2010 to pray and rally against the late-term abortion center being placed right in the center of a minority neighborhood near two universities. Resembling a cash register, the abortion supercenter has a whole floor devoted to surgical abortions, which include late term abortions, yet it masks itself as a women’s health center, which is how Addison ended up there.

(H.T. Larry Sheldon.)

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