Monday, December 05, 2011

Chick Fight!!

Carol of Political Clown Parade and Pat of And So it Goes in Shreveport are at it again. There's hair-pullin' and eye-gougin' and lots of face-slappin' a'goin' on down in the deep South. Of course they are fighting over boys. Carol is fighting for the Alabama boys and Pat is scrapping for the L.S.U. boys. On January 9th, these two groups of boys will be deciding the BCS Championship.

Carol is still smarting over the Crimson Tide's November loss at the hands of the L.S.U. Tigers (9 - 6 in overtime) that dropped her beloved Tide down in the national rankings. But after a few fortunate turns of events, they climbed back into the 2nd spot and will again play for the National Championship.

Pat's undefeated Tigers seek to finish in that same manner and hoist the champions' trophy. She writes
So, when the Honey Badger has his way with Big Al and Bama is left wondering what happened to them,...
The Honey Badger to whom she refers is Tyrann Mathieu, one of this year's Heisman Trophy finalists, a sophomore who had 71 tackles, 5 forced fumbles and 2 interceptions this year. He also gained 420 yards and 2 touchdowns in punt returns during LSU's 13-0 season.

The girls will wait for January 9th to find out the score, but I will solve it for them right now.

Alabama over L.S.U.

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