Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Smell Roses! Wait... What?

Occupy Wall Street is planning on making their point during Pasadena's Rose Bowl Parade.
The Rose Parade has long been a magnet for protesters looking for global attention for their causes and grievances.[...]

But this year, Tournament of Roses organizers and Pasadena police are gearing up for something different as Occupy protesters, fresh from their encampments across the country, plan to converge on Pasadena. Like activists in the past, they are hoping to widen their impact with an estimated domestic TV audience of 50 million people and about 700,000 people along the route.[...]

And Occupy is planning quite a show.

Protesters intend to march with large banners that decry wealth inequality in the United States and to unveil a few colorful "floats" of their own, including...

They believe that this will really cause the American people to support their message!


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