Saturday, December 10, 2011

Obama Gets Car Out of Ditch

Real Clear Politics, October 10, 2010, President Obama:
So, Philly, it comes down to this. Many of the Republicans who are running right now, these are the exact same folks who spent the last decade driving our economy into a ditch. And once we were elected, Joe and I, we put on our boots, we went down into that ditch. It was muddy and dusty down there and it was hot. And we started pushing on that car to get it out of the ditch. And we had a whole bunch of folks like Joe Sestak helping us push that car out of the ditch. (Applause.)

And every once in a while, we'd look up at the Republicans. They were -- they had driven into the ditch, but they had gotten out and they were kind of taking a break, fanning themselves and sipping on a Slurpee, watching us do all the work. And every once in a while they'd say, why don't you push harder? You're not pushing the right way, Obama. But they didn't help.

And after pushing and pushing over these last 20 months, finally we've got that car out of the ditch. (Applause.) Now, the car is a little dented up. The fender is a little busted. It needs a tune-up. But it's moving. It's pointing in the right direction. We're on level ground now. We're starting to make repairs. And suddenly we get a tap on our shoulder and we look back and who is it? It's the Republicans. And they say -- what are they saying? -- they say, we want the keys back.

Well, indeed the Republicans refused to help Obama and the Democrats get the car out of the ditch. In spite of all the Conservative partisanship, Obama and the Democrats were able to get the car out of the ditch.

(Photo from Theo Spark.)

And for some reason, the Republicans still want the keys back.

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