Sunday, December 25, 2011

Who You Callin' Old-Fashioned?

Larry Kudlow in National Review:
When you think of Republican congressman Paul Ryan, terms like earnest, serious, and important come to mind. So does the term old-fashioned. Ryan comes from an old-fashioned place, the blue-collar town of Janesville, Wisconsin. He cherishes the old-fashioned values of a faithful family man. He even looks old-fashioned, with his white shirts and striped ties. And he uses old-fashioned argument skills, persuasively weaving big-picture themes with the numbers that back them up.
We here in Janesville, Wisconsin, take exception to be called 'Old-fashioned, flyover country hicks.' Many of us wear shoes, have telephones with those fancy push buttons, and no longer have a majority of our diets sustained by road kill. And just because Ryan's old-fashioned argument skills do not include brandishing a handgun...

I'll take my brandy without sugar, bitters, and a citrus twist, thank you.

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