Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Mixed Messages of Stacy McCain

While on the road preparing more coverage of this year's Republican Primary campaign, Stacy McCain suffered a terrifying flashback. He spotted a herd of deer near the road as he was speeding along. Recalling the events of September, 2010, Stacy hit the brakes to slow down. (Rumor has it that he also had to change britches at his next stop.)

Here is the result of Stacy's run-in from 2010:

The zoologists in our secret basement laboratory have just completed some research that offers an alternate theory to Stacy's 'Terroristic Attack by Four Hooves' hypothesis. After interviewing thousands of East Coast deer, our researchers discovered that the exact opposite of a terroristic attack on McCain's Kia Optima actually took place.

Here is a photo of Stacy's car in 2010 just before the accident:

Please take note of the Kia's hood ornament. The deer claim they were just trying to help out by hitting Stacy's tip jar!

They are very upset that McCain now calls them terrorists.


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