Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two Major Reasons Why Environmentalists Should Oppose Obama

All serious environmentalists, including Al Gore and Greenpeace members, should be opposing the re-election of President Obama with every fiber of their beings. Here are two major reasons:

1)  Although Barack Obama promised the halt of the rising sea by reversing global warming, his policies have done exactly the opposite. Millions of homeowners' mortgages are under water, investors and taxpayers are getting soaked, and illegal immigrants are flooding across the border while a deluge of weapons are flooding into the arms caches of drug lords.

2) President Obama's recent reversal of deportation laws allowing a hypo-amnesty for young illegals will cause a higher unemployment rate among young Americans forcing them to live in their parents' basements and continue to get increasingly fat. All the extra weight of flesh on Mother Earth will increase gravitational pull between our planet and the sun rapidly increasing global warming and advancing the Earth's impact and demise into the sun.

The science is settled and there is consensus. Gaea says, "Obama must go!"


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