Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Simple Proposal to Expose American Leftism in the Minds and Hearts of the American Electorate

 (The ideas contained in this post are offshoots of the thoughts from my favorite Leftist, Dr. John Pepple, who calls himself a self-critical Leftist. His blog is titled I Want a New Left. I patiently await the printing of his newest book on this issue.)

Most of the appeal of the Democrat Party Liberalism to the general electorate is their claim to be champions of the poor and middle classes, women, minorities, and marginalized groups. By contrast, the image of the Republican Party is those who are only for the rich.

Here is an excerpt from a Liberal blog that regurgitates this talking point:
“It's not that the Demos have a "better get out the vote machine", it's that their message is one of Love, Peace, Caring, Respect and Helping their fellow human being. Sometimes they can go overboard, such as LBJs "Great Society" welfare program. But they genuinely show love and compassion for their fellow citizens.
Whereas the Republicans have a dog-eat-dog, devil-take-the-hindmost, shoot first ask questions later, torture is great, the one with the most toys wins (and gets to make all the rules), government is bad bad bad, the person with the bigger bank account is a better person than any of them horrible ugly poooor people, worship of the giant Golden $ (see the ending of Atlas Shrugged) philosophy.” 1
A Short History

The Classic Liberalism of Locke and the American Revolutionaries began with sincere concern human rights. Locke argued that each man has a natural right to life, liberty and property. Other issues supported include free and fair elections, civil rights, freedom of the press and religion, and freer trade.

As Liberalism evolved, it strove to gain the clout needed to implement its ideas and had to align with other persons and groups to do this. Most of these persons and groups already had attained a measure of wealth and power. As a practical concern, whenever possible, it is easier to align with other powers rather than waste resources battling those powers for preeminence. But it also requires a compromise of ideals. This power-aligning-with-power forced a lot of compromising of Classic Liberal principles.

 At present, Liberalism, Progressivism, Leftism… the Democratic Party, portrays being the party of ‘ love, peace, caring, respect, and helping their fellow human beings.’ It carries an image of the champion of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness all the way to security; cradle to grave.

 How the Modern Left still bears this image is a great mystery to me. It is possibly the result of massive public relations by the Party and the Media, and, just as likely, blind faith by many of the naïve electorate.

 The reality is that the Modern Left has abandoned Classic Liberalism and become the Rich People’s Left. (RPL) The trillions of dollars spent on ‘The War on Poverty’ has enriched someone, but certainly not the poor. The status of minorities has not improved. Massive education spending sees a decline in quality. American students are poorly educated while the unions have been enriched in power and wealth. Environmental regulations have benefitted the rich donors and the likes of Al Gore, but the poor and middle class are being crushed by the costs; from gasoline to heating fuel. Cars are expensive and costly to maintain, hurting the poor and enriching big union bosses. Food prices continue to rise. RPL policies are instrumental in rising unemployment.

 With the RPL doctrine of ‘Not Letting a Good Crisis Go to Waste,’ each situation becomes a crisis and requires more RPL policies to tackle. Crises are not only welcomed, but instituted by the RPL to garner power and wealth.

 The poor and middle classes, women, minorities, and marginalized groups are all injured by these regulations and policies, but the favored rich are getting wealthier.

 The minorities under RPL are benefitting from crumbs of RPL’s table, but are making no gains overall. Women and homosexuals are basking in the baubles of open military service or free birth control and abortion. But for some strange reason, RPL is very uncritical of radical Islam. Sharia is making great inroads in the RPL nations of Europe. Socially Conservative Christians may battle against your ‘right’ to same sex marriage or tax-paid abortion, but they don’t want to kill you or make you wear a tent.

That is a good place to start in combatting the Modern Left. Push the reality that they have long ago become Rich People’s Leftists, the Rich People’s Democratic Party, Rich People’s Progressives, Rich People’s Liberals.

 There is nothing wrong with being rich, but when your wealth and/or power comes from being a favored recipient of government ‘unnatural selection,’ I must object and oppose.

(Here is one of Dr. Pepple’s posts that begins to delineate between Rich People’s Leftism vs. Poor People’s Leftism.)

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alanstorm said...

I love the description of liberal vs. conservatives you quoted. There are plenty of liberals out there who think exactly that way - and they wonder why we laugh when they try to tell us how much smarter they are.

LibertyAtStake said...

"How the Modern Left still bears this image is a great mystery to me"

It's the power of propaganda. The Left has spent (at least) 60 years consciously taking control of the media and academia precisely for the purpose of building a propaganda machine. These are the battlefields. Conservatives need to build their own 24x7 media outlets, and get hands-on regarding how their children are educated.