Friday, April 19, 2013

Season Opener on May 6th

After the usual Wisconsin winter, I can really appreciate Spring. Even though it is just in the 30's and spitting snow, I am grateful that when I inhale hard my nostrils no longer freeze shut or that rubbing my mustache doesn't cause an icy chunk to break off in my fingers.

One thing I really look forward to is the beginning of another softball season. I began playing Men's League ball back in 1972 while in the Army.

This Spring I have made 3 major improvements to benefit my game. I will begin this season 20 pounds lighter than last year. Also, I recently had my eyes checked and found that my contact prescription needed major changes. I didn't realize how bad they had gotten until I put in the new contacts.

The third improvement requires a little background. Back in 1975 I dislocated my right shoulder during a collision. Since then I have made 13 emergency room trips in 5 different states to reduce the continuing dislocations. Consequently my throwing motion has been one to protect my shoulder joint by not letting the arm get too far away from my body during a throw. It made for very weak and inaccurate throws. Over this past off season, I made extra effort to rehab the shoulder by concentrating on strengthening the muscles that make up the rotator cuff. It has been very successful and I now am throwing with a normal arm motion for the first time in about 38 years.

Softball season starts on May 6th. I'm psyched and wouldn't care if we had to play during a snow storm.


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