Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Today's Top Sports Story

Our softball season is halfway through. It it about time for the All-Star break, but since we have no All-Stars, we play on.

Our last game was played against the team with which we were tied for the last play off spot. They took a hefty first inning lead. We fought back and took the lead in the 5th. They returned fire and regained the lead in the sixth and held it through the top of the 7th, 16-13.

We were the home team so went to bat in final hopes in the bottom of the 7th with the bottom of our order coming up. We scrambled to load the bases as our 10th batter came to the plate. Troy... smack... into the right center field gap.... ONE RUN IS IN... TWO RUNS ARE IN... THREE RUNS ARE IN, THE GAME IS TIED! Troy rounds 3rd base and the base coach (step-son Matt*) is waving him home. HERE COMES TROY! HERE COMES THE THROW TO THE PLATE. THE BALL BEATS TROY TO THE PLATE! As on deck batter, I signal Troy to slide... THE THROW SHORT HOPS THE CATCHER AND HE CAN'T HANDLE IT. TROY SCORES... WE WIN!!


(* I berated Matt after the game for sending Troy to the plate. If he would have held him at 3rd, I would have batted and possibly knocked in the winning run and thus been a hero. Dang it, Matt!)


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