Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sir Edmund, Hillary


I'd like to set the story straight concerning a 'gotcha' flap that happened a few years back. Hillary Clinton had claimed for several years that she had been named after Sir Edmund Hillary in honor of being the first to scale Mt. Everest. Since she was born in 1947 and Sir Edmund didn't complete the climb until 1953, everyone assumed that Hillary was caught in another lie.

However, the full story has never been told... until now. Young Jezebel Diane Rodham was only six years old when she met Sir Edmund Hillary and convinced him to let her guide him to the summit of Everest. Even at that young age, Jezebel was an adept climber. She latched on to Hillary's coattails and directed him to the top. After the feat had been accomplished, little Jezebel was so excited that she legally had her name change to Hillary Rodham.

Not long afterwards, the now Hillary Rodham latched on to another's coattails and directed him to climb. She again changed her name to Hillary Clinton.

Again, Hillary has begun directing another climb. I cannot tell whose coattails she is now riding so I cannot say for sure what her name will be next. 

Stay tuned for updates as they come in.


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