Sunday, March 04, 2012

Mr. President, Please Make the NRA Pay for My Contracaption!

Hello, distinguished members of the committee. My name is Grandpa Steve. I like to shoot my .38's and my 9mm a lot. But it is getting expensive. The cost of eye and ear protection is rising. The increased expense of ammunition, gun cleaning and repair equipment, reloading supplies, targets, range fees, and concealed carry permits have caused me and countless fellow shooters to use cheaper products. The threat of having a pistol blow up in our hands is causing increased usage of prohibitively costly psychological and medical care. We can barely afford to fulfill our rights to enjoy expensive restaurants and entertainments. We have had to shorten our Caribbean vacations to 4 weeks and have even needed to fly coach at times. And we had to sell our Chevy Volt due to the rise in home insurance because of the threat of fire.

Please help us, Mr. President, and make the NRA pay for my contracaption.

Thank you.

(Even if Rush Limbaugh calls me a gun slut, my parents are proud of me and, Mr. President, I'll be waiting for your call.)

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