Friday, March 02, 2012

Why Does the Left Discriminate Against Sluts?

Being a slut is a legitimate lifestyle choice. In our enlightened multicultural, diverse age we know that it is just as righteous as any other lifestyle choice. We are taught that we must not judge this choice.

So what does the Left have against sluts? Why do they go apoplectic when a slut is called a slut? She may have participated or even organized a slut walk. She may carry signs that state, "Slutty and Proud!" and "Proud to be a Slut!"

She not only deserves free contraception, but free health care that takes care of all the exotic venereal diseases that she is harboring and generously sharing to her partners.

Compassion: Taking other people's money and giving it to not only to the truly needy, but also to support alternative lifestyle choices.

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