Saturday, November 12, 2005


My sources (that shall remain unnamed, even under the threat of imprisonment) have revealed to me that a major American legal firm is preparing a discrimination suit against the NFL and the NFL Rules Committee on behalf of disabled Americans under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The suit claims that NFL rules discriminate in their sideline pass completion rules. They claim that it is discriminatory for a one-legged receiver to be required to 'get two feet inbounds' for a catch to be ruled a legal pass reception.

It sounds like they have a good case, especially if they can get it to the Supreme Court before Alito replaces Sandra Day-Oh.

One highly positioned lawyer was overheard at the bar (no pun intended) that, "The NFL is a deep pockets and should succumb to being extorted out of a huge settlement to avoid appearing insensitive. I learned that from Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition. So... We're in the money... we're in the money..."

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