Sunday, November 06, 2005

Man,... and I thought Pet Rocks and Mood Rings were dumb.

Ryan Clancy in USA Today tells about a latest fad:

"Che Guevara is everywhere these days. Not literally. He is, after all, dead. But 38 years after meeting his demise in the Bolivian jungle, the communist revolutionary has re-emerged as a pop culture icon. In dorm rooms, on the runways of Paris and on merchandising kitsch, the legendary Alberto Korda image of a beret-clad Guevara is the epitome of cool. Don't be surprised if during tonight's trick-or-treating, Che shows up among the goblins. He's that ubiquitous."

"If Che's world vision had prevailed, it's safe to say that Apple founder Steve Jobs would have never brought us the iPod. After all, it's tough to innovate when you're stuck behind a donkey farming turnips for the proletariat."

"Most historians agree upon one fact, however, that can shape our understanding of Che. He was a loser. Big time. I'm talking McGovern in '72, Saddam in '91 and the Chicago Cubs every year since '08."

"So, instead of Che being held up as a beacon of peace and justice, let us hereafter revel in his futility. He'll be an exemplar of the idea that hard work does not always pay off. In fact, I already have a new shirt in mind. Take the same iconic picture of Che and just add the heading, "I tried to conquer the evil Yankee imperialists and all I got was this stupid T-shirt.""

Isn't capitalism wonderful? It can even make money from its dead enemies.

(H.T. Dr. Santy.)


tee bee said...

You'll like the shirt I'm getting my son for his birthday.

Steve said...

Good one!

L Bee said...

Remember Kiddies;

Che did not believe in private property.... The dorm is cool and everything, but when you grow up you may want to buy a house or a TV.