Saturday, November 05, 2005

Often while perusing blogs, I get a big kick out of some of the side blurbs extolling the virtues and prowess of a particular blogger.

”I gotta love a guy whose blogroll is categorized in Latin.” Infinite Monkeys (concerning The Evangelical Outpost's Joe Carter)

"Superb, peerless, matchless"- Roget's Thesaurus (I don't remember who this was for, but it was pretty funny.)

"She's smarter than me." – Glenn Reynolds (concerning Ann Althouse)

It seems Mr. Reynolds does a lot of promoting for others' blogs.

"Remind me to never get this guy mad at me." Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds (concerning John Ray of Dissecting Leftism)

So, when I saw this outburst of fury by Dr. Ray recently, I herded the family and critters into the '50's bomb shelter in the back yard and instructed them to remove all sharp objects from their pockets, place their hands behind their heads, bend over and kiss their butts goodbye: (surprisingly the dog and cats followed those instructions!)

"Well, pish."

When I finally mustered the courage to open my eyes and see that we were not yet rendered piles of dust, I returned to his blog and read the rest, muttering something about Reynolds being a quack.

Ray was responding to an article by Francis Fukuyama in the Opinion Journal relating to the rise of Islamic terrorism and possible solutions to the present situation. Ray concluded:
"Every radical philosophy of the past - the French revolutionary creed, Communism, Fascism, and whatever the Baader-Meinhof gang believed - was hatched and nurtured not among the oppressed but among the privileged, the people with leisure. "Idleness," as Hippocrates noted, "and lack of occupation tend - nay are dragged - towards evil."

(I was doubly alerted here due to my experience with the Baader-Meinhof gang alongside the Munich Massacre in and around 1972. Those guys threatened to kill sweet-li'l-ol'-me!)

So, according to John Ray, today's Biden-Moveonhof gang, al-Kennedy/Kerryda, and the other fringe leftist, little rascal gangs will never respond to assimilation attempts.

Is John Jay Ray the re-incarnation of Senator Joe McCarthy? Have you ever seen a picture of them together? Huh? See!?

Is Ann Althouse really smarter than Glenn Reynolds? Is Curly really funnier than Shemp?

Achhh! This modern world is sooo confusing.

Or maybe, just maybe, the Austrailan term 'Pish' doesn't actually mean doing nasty things to someone else with fresh kangaroo poo, as I originally had thought. Perhaps we are indeed separated by a common language.


Lance Burri said...

YES, Curly is funnier than Shemp. Geez, Steve, how can you even ask that?

Steve said...

Therefore, in context, Althouse IS smarter than Reynolds.

tee bee said...

I understand the example employed by Ray of the Netherlands, but Islamofascism is not strictly a problem of Western leftism. They've been conquering and beheading for centuries of their own volition, impeded only by the better weaponry and defense of some fed-up neighbors, along with their own backward culture of domination, suspicion and violence.

Maybe Reynolds gets a gratuity for pumping out pithy blog recs.

Steve said...

Even in Islamofascist history the fundamental may still apply, "...was hatched and nurtured not among the oppressed but among the privileged, the people with leisure." Not sure, of course, but certainly it is not out of the realm of possibilities.