Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Religious Principles Influencing the Development of Leftist Postmodernism

One of the great rungs up the ladder of human liberation has been the acceptance of postmodernism. Darwinian Evolution was a first great step in removing Northern European culture from the oppressive yoke of the Protestant Ethic. However, before too long it became apparent that evolution and its incumbent materialism were not producing the desired effects toward human liberty and development. Materialism in itself proved too confining to the human spirit and shackled it within the confines of finite nature. In response to this, the introduction of postmodernism enabled Man to begin to escape from within the laws of nature and creatively define reality in his own terms. Nature no longer defined man. Man was free to define many of his own verities. Truth now was to be found in the 'eye of the beholder'.

In many ways this was a positive step. The 'hard' sciences were so limited in their abilities to say anything at all about so much of the human experience. Love as simply a chemical reaction explained very little and satisfied virtually no one. Initially, then, postmodernism reopened life beyond the atomic, material level.

Naked postmodernism is only confined by the creativity of the individual. By itself it will not prohibit Hitler or Stalin, nor would it necessarily encourage Mother Theresa. It cannot differentiate Martin Luther King from a KKK Grand Poobah. Existing culture limits postmodernism and affects the outcome.

Even with the door wide open, paradigm shifts in cultural develop slowly. Postmodernism's reactive effects depended greatly upon the quality and character of the cultural substratum; the total environment into which it was implanted. Although there had been numerous smaller shifts along the way, America still had a basic Christian tradition and had retained a good deal of the outward trappings inherent in that tradition. But as the culture changes, postmodern effects are also changed.

During the 1960's many American youth, dissatisfied by the restraints and demands of even the residual Christian shadow, began looking East for new inspiration and meaning and introduced bits and pieces of Buddism and Hinduism into American culture. Much of the drug culture existed for the same purpose as well; to expand and open the mind beyond the walls of what was inculcated by our oppressive culture.

Although relatively few actually became Buddists or Hindus, many foreign thought forms and teachings did take root here and have produced some hybrid fruit (and nuts) that we are most familiar with today as expressed by fringe Leftist ideology and rhetoric.

One eastern idea that is reflected in Leftist thought is that of Nirvana. Primarily, the Left desires to annihilate the individual self and fit each person as a selfless cog in a socialist society. Much of their rhetoric concerns the poor and homeless, not as individuals, but as statistics and symbols used to help upgrade and fuel the machine. Individualists and capitalists inspire competition and judgment according to merit that tends to counter the the development of their machine.

Leftists talk a great deal about tolerence, acceptance, and inclusiveness. These are sermons, not directed to the socialist choir, but to those selfish individuals who refuse to tolerate, accept, and include themselves within the Left's mission and worldview. Anytime they call for bipartisan support, it means that the infidels abandon their own principles to submit to the machine.

Oddly, a skewed version of Nirvana also lays a foundation for pro-abortion politics. Abortion actually demonstrates compassion. Killing of an unborn child frees the child from the natural suffering of life. Further, being an unwanted child, being poor, or having a birth defect adds to the suffering so aborting these is even of a higher spirituality.

Leftism has also incorporated the idea of a caste system among its philosophy. All leftists are spiritually born Brahmans or Kshatriyas making them the class of priests, intellectuals, and rulers. The rest of society, the unwashed masses, are of the remaining two castes as well as the outcasts. This latter group includes merchants, farmers, servants, and peasants. The ubiquitous venom issuing from the leftists shows their frustration with the democratic process that has denied them their rightful place of politico-religious authority.

Leftist upper castes apparently serve the god Brahma who continually creates the newest reality. They also act under the auspices of Vishnu (Krishna) to preserve the creation's new order and defend its righteous decrees and religious rites by forcing right thinking, speech, and actions.

The inferior castes and 'untouchables' serve only the lower purposes of Shiva who promotes the destruction of Brahman's creation and exalts in the vulgar, base aspects of life.

The Leftists, therefore, see their higher calling as overseeing and protecting the Earth and controlling the ignorant, destructive people of the lower castes.

It's no small wonder that the Moonbats loathe George W. Bush so much. He is from Texas and of the lower castes and has no right to rule. In all probability he is even an untouchable since he claims to be a child of God, a Harijan. Therefore, even allowing his shadow to touch you is considered to be polluting by the intellectual, ruling priests. As a Texan, his disdain for the superior castes is shown in his use of Brahma. He pronounces it Bray-mer and correlates it with beef cattle. He also enjoys trying to ride the bulls like a punk.

Such is the syncretism of western culture with eastern through the prism of postmodernism. Syncretism, indeed! Leftism sounds more like the product of syncretinism to me.

Ooomm....oooommmm... I meditate on nothingness, and in my mind's eye I see Michael Moore, Buddha of the Left, sitting in the lotus postion. His eyes are closed 'cause there's nothing in this world to see. Oooomm-my!

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