Sunday, November 27, 2005

Salt Lake Tribune - 3 Utahns try to open door for polygamy

First of all: "Utahns?" Is that really the term?


Until 1963, interracial marriages were illegal in Utah. Residents who suffered chronic epileptic seizures and were not sterilized also were barred from marrying in the state.

And, until 1993, anyone who had syphilis, gonorrhea or HIV could not make that walk down the aisle.

Now, in 2005, three Utahns who want to unite as husband, wife and wife say their preferred form of marriage also should be allowed.

They are asking the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse a federal judge's rejection of their challenge to state prohibitions against bigamy and polygamy.

"The fact [that] much of American legal culture is based on monogamy does not justify a ban on polygamy," their attorney, Brian Barnard, of Salt Lake City, wrote in a brief filed this month with the Denver-based appeals court.

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Steve said...

Both Utahan and Utahn are acceptable.

If I recall correctly, Utah was required to abandon polygamy in order to be admitted to the Union.

I would say also that the male petitioner could plead insanity.