Tuesday, November 22, 2005

We Must Pull Out of the War Now!

We were lied to in order to get us involved. Our intelligence was misinformed. We went in without a discernable strategy.

Yes, there have been elections, but the people that we 'freed' have not the experience nor the will to live free. The supposed training given them have brought them no closer to self-sufficiency. Our courageous men and women in the field are unable to bring or hold victory.

If we have not the courage to admit our mistake and withdraw now, we must require of our federal government a reasonable exit strategy. The insurgent capitalistic terrorists have so far thwarted every attempt to bring them under our control.

Our War on Poverty has gone on for over 40 years and still we've seen no success. The cost has been incalculable. It is a quagmire. Let us cut and run.

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MK said...

The particular congressman calling for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, apparently has a history of folding when the going gets tough.