Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Heroes of Modern Western Civilization-- Pop Quiz

Part I: Purveyors of Moral Authority

Matching-- Please match the short biographies with the names of the heroes shown below.

1) Born on January 14, 1741, in Norwich, Connecticut. At the age of 15 he enlisted in the Connecticut militia to resist the French invasion from Canada. After the Boston Massacre in 1770, he wrote, "Good God; are the Americans all asleep and tamely giving up their liberties, or are they all turned philosophers, that they don't take immediate vengeance on such miscreants?"
In 1775 he was chosen captain of the 2nd Company of Connecticut Guards and shortly after Lexington and Concord he was made colonel of the Massachussetts militia. His militia conquered Fort Ticonderoga, Crown Point, and Fort George. They also captured 201 cannons. George Washington appointed him as a colonel in the Continental Army. After several more heroic battles, he was invited to meet with the Continental Congress. At George Washington's request he was posted to the Northern Department due to Washington's faith in him as a military commander. He played a decisive role in several battles that marked the turning point of the American Revolution.

2) Born July 18, 1887. He graduated from Norway's war academy as the country's best ever cadet and achieved major in the Norwegian army. He was also a brilliant mathematician. In the 1920's he worked with Fridtjof Nansen in relief work in Russia and the Ukraine. From this Nansen received the Nobel Peace Prize. For his work for British interests in Russia, he earned the order, Commander of the British Empire. He served as Norwegian defense minister in the government from 1931-1933.

3) Born in Cauchy-a-la-Tour, France in 1856. He joined the French Army in 1876 and attended the War College in Paris. He served with distinction in WWI and while commanding French forces at the start of the Battle of Verdun, he was purported to have declared, "They shall not pass!" He was elevated to the Commander-in-Chief of the French army, and because of his successful defensive strategy, France survived its worst crisis during the war, leading to eventual Allied victory. He was instrumental in the construction of the Maginot Line. He was a national hero and served in the French cabinet as Minister of War, and later, Secretary of State.

4) He joined the Marines in 1952 during the Korean War. He earned the Spirit Honor Medal as a recruit and became a drill instructor at Parris Island. He attended Officer Candidate School and in 1959, as a captain, he took command of the 34th Special Infantry Company. He volunteered for Vietnam in 1966-67, receiving a Bronze Star, two Purple Hearts, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. On his retirement, he was awarded the Navy Distinguished Service Medal.

5) Born on December 11, 1943, in Colorado. He served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy from 1966-1970 and ironically attended the Navy's Damage Control Course. He served with distinction in Vietnam. Here he received a Silver Star, Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts. While receiving his wounds he didn't even blink.

Match the above biographies to the following heroes exuding moral authority:

A) John Forbes Kerry
B) Benedict Arnold
C) Philippe Petain
D) Vidkun Quisling
E) John P. Murtha

Part II: Please describe in a short paragraph, sentence, or word what all 5 of these men have in common.


tee bee said...

1 BA
2 VQ
3 PP
4 JM
5 JK

Commonality: I want to say undeserved figures in history, but more to my dislike of three of them (the other two are unknown to me, not being a military history buff) would be "Questionably decorated traitors."

What do I win?

Steve said...

As they are make available, we will soon be sending free Decoder Rings to all graduates. These rings are designed to interpret Leftist Orwellian-speak into Standard English. (Our translators are having a difficult time in that all Leftist language at present translates only to 'Bush sucks' and 'Bush lied'.)