Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Minors in Style, Majors in Substance

Dr. Pat Santy well expresses my own thoughts about President Bush.

"Many have accused me of idealizing President Bush, and while it is true that since 9/11, I admire him quite a bit, I hardly idealize him. On the contrary, what I find compelling about him are his obviously ordinary human qualities. He strikes me as a very REAL person--not a slick "persona" created by an ad agency; or a "celebrity" onto whom we project our own fantasies."

"Bush does not pretending to be intellectually superior and can easily make fun of himself. Nor does it seem to matter much to him that everyone doesn't totally adore him. He tackles hard problems head on (which most politicians lack the courage to do) and perseveres in trying to fix them. He indeed "muddles along", misspeaks, and even screws up from time to time; but he presses on and actually gets things done."

"That is what matters most to me."

I have often heard it said about Christians that they are so heavenly minded that they are of no earthly good. However, that claim more accurately portrays the modern Leftist. They are so Utopian minded that they are of no earthly good, or rather, they are a hindrance to earthly good. They attempt to impose an ethereal ideology upon a concrete world in which it will not fit.

George Bush is weak in rhetoric, but he actually gets things done. In the midst of battle President Bush fights, the Leftists pontificate; Bush works, Leftists criticize. Nike's old statement of 'Just Do It' exemplifies Bush. For Kerry, Kennedy, Dean, Pelosi, Boxer, et al., Nike would have to change it to 'Just Whine About It'.

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tee bee said...

You need cafe press, you could sell shirts with the swoosh and maybe Kerry windsurfing or bicycling with the words Just Whine About It.

Or maybe you could think of something funny. But the shirt idea is gold, baby.