Friday, December 23, 2005

Moonbats, Democrats, and Other Cool Cats

It is common for people to admire and emulate others. Often these role models are Hollywood or Pop stars or other cool, famous people. My observations over the past decade have been able to uncover the role models of the Democrats of the far Left. These have assimilated the characteristics of three famous persons of recent memory.

The first Leftist/Progressive role model is Rodney King. Like Mr. King, the Lefties stand up for their rights in the face of overwhelming odds in confronting the bourgeois, 'law and order' standards of our unenlightened culture. They persist even while getting the crap kicked out of them. Then they sue. When things go badly as a result of their actions, they show their magnanimous natures by tearfully pleading, "C-c-can't we all just get along?"

The second Moonbat role model is Pop star Michael Jackson. They just loves the children. The 'truth' that they have created is a 'Never Never Land' of promise for the children. Never mind the accusations of abuse. Others harbor false consciousness, a prescientific narrative, and are superstitious about the pleasures of Jesus Juice. Moreover, the greatest Jacksonian model adapted by the Left is his famed 'Moonwalk'. Here they give all appearances of walking forward while actually sliding backward; 'The Moonbat Moonwalk', the mirage of progress.

The third Progressive role model is the most obvious. It is a character found in a 007 movie. No, not Bond, James Bond... It's Galore, Pussy Galore.

Michael Moore? His role model has always been Jabba the Hutt.

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