Friday, December 16, 2005

Research in Catabolic Steroids from the Soviet Archives

An old friend of mine, an old lab assistant that I named Igor, recently e-mailed some recently unearthed reports obtained from archives located in an old Moscow dungeon. Basically, it related the 'chemical warfare' plot of the old Soviets upon selected groups of Americans. The chemical directed for use was the steroid, Oxymethamoronalone.

I had recollected isolating this 'roid' in tissue samples that I had obtained while in the Service in West Germany and analyzed after returning to the U.S. This analysis, coupled with the information found in the Soviet documentation produced some intriguing results.

The Soviet research report noted that they had tested Oxymethamoronalone on its athletes and soldiers in the late sixties and early seventies and found that it produced an enhancement in energy levels and performance, but also that its metabolites caused brain malfunctions similar to those found in Alzheimer's Disease. One of its metabolites, the moronalone radical, CH2-D'OH, proved deleterious to normal neural functioning. They ceased it usage with their own and planned to use it on a portion of the American population.

The Soviet report indicated that they were able to introduce this chemical to the water supply of various Young Democratic Organizations, apparently with total success in hoped for results. Further updated reports stated that the experimental American lab rats had become 'Useful Idiots' in support of the Soviet Communist cause.

Although no longer in use since the fall of the U.S.S.R., the communist sympathizers are apparently alive and still active in present day American politics.

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