Saturday, December 03, 2005

With This Horseshoe, I Do Thee Wed... 'Til Death Do Us Part

Back on July 2, 2005, a 45 year old Seattle man was killed while having sex with a horse. During the act he suffered a perforated colon leading to his death. During questioning, the horse, named Mr. Ed, stated that injury is often a biproduct of what he called, 'rough barn sex'. The horse was not ultimately charged for prostitution and released shortly after his arrest.

It is suspected that the unnamed Seattle man had sought such an experience through the ubiquitous chat rooms on the internet dedicated to such exotic, erotic pleasures. Defenders point out that sex with animals is not illegal in Washington State, although sex with small animals sometimes results in charges of animal cruelty. An ACLU representative was overheard to sneeringly say, "If Jesus was born in a barn, perhaps he was conceived there as well."

Other prominent beastiality proponents claim that, while homosexual couples are making progress in receiving cultural recognition for their love and marriages, they will also demand their constitutional rights to interspecies marriage. After all, they claim, it is already common practice in this country and around the world. Every single spouse of a Leftist, they accurately point out, is already married to an ass.

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