Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Owen says:

I really wanted to fisk this last night, but I was too busy recording Aaron and Jenna’s podcast. Jib and I were on. It was fun and should be posted soon.
Huh. I think maybe he's getting a little complacent in his success.

So I pounce! Not sure I know what I'm doing, but here we go: my very first fisking!

JS Online Editorial: Heading off a bad summer:

As Milwaukee remembered American soldiers who gave their lives in war, battle zones sprang up within the city this Memorial Day weekend.
Actually, those are called crime zones.

All told, 28 people fell victim to gunshots; four of them died.
Our prayers to them and their families.

The spate of gunfire was an ominous opening to summer. The 28 victims over a warm, three-day weekend make one fear the number of victims a full hot summer will yield.
No, it's the number of shooters we should be afraid of.

One weekend doesn't a trend make...
Thanks, Yoda.

...but the gunfire does amount to a warning shot about what might be.
Ooh, a metaphor mirroring the subject at hand!

Milwaukee must act to head off the worst-case scenario.
Aiming for, what, the second-worst scenario? Are zero homicides the second-worst scenario?

Even if not all involved in the weekend shootings fit this particular demographic, it's clear that the community must address the issue of males in their teens and 20s, when they are most likely to be crime-prone or crime's victims.
Round the bastards up!

But the shootings also demonstrate a well-known truth with which this community has yet to adequately grapple - the proliferation of guns. Yes, it can more forcefully hold accountable - in court - those who use guns, but government can also do more to keep guns out of the wrong hands.
Hmm. I wonder how many legally-owned guns in Milwaukee weren't used for illegal shootings over the weekend?

In the weekend's most sensational shooting, the assailant gunned down five people, two of them fatally, in crowded South Shore Park on Monday in what police describe as a domestic dispute.
He was, I understand, an illegal alien. Hey, the JS isn't saying illegal alien hands are the "wrong hands," are they? Because wouldn't that be racist?

Early Saturday, Police Officer Salvador Hernandez was the first on the near south side scene of a homicide that claimed his brother, who apparently was trying to break up a fight.
God, that's awful. I wonder if he knew it was his brother who'd been shot? Again, our prayers.

A fourth homicide - the victim was shot in the head - settled a quarrel on a west side street, also early Saturday.
"Settled" a quarrel. What an odd choice of words. It's true in a back-alley, old-west sort of way, I suppose. But it implies a successful resolution, doesn't it? Why not "following" a quarrel?

One way to keep idle young hands away from guns and out of mischief is to keep them busy with work.
Yes! Busy at work making license plates! Turning big rocks into little rocks!

Unfortunately, jobs are in short supply, so businesses must search their souls and their budgets to find a way to hire young people, particularly from the inner city. (Suburban young people, typically with more connections than their inner city peers, have an easier time finding jobs as a rule.)
Skills, education, role models - these have no effect on whether or not a young person works. Crime, taxes, infrastructure, disposable income have no effect on the economy and the number of available jobs. The businesses simply have to "find" the jobs to give.

Was this a serious suggestion? Are suburban kids coming into Milwaukee to work at grocery stores and fast food joints?

To avoid a violent summer, community leaders - ministers, block leaders, agency heads - must redouble their efforts to engage young people in worthwhile activities, such as sports, clubs and community service. And parents must guide their children onto the right path.
Um, what do you do when you're fisking something but then you agree with something the fiskee says?

Although, they're probably talking about midnight basketball or some other such dribble.

Of course, law officers play a role. They can't head off every shooting. But through partnerships with the community, they may be able to nip trouble in the bud - for instance, focusing their energies on putting troublemakers behind bars.
Yes! We need to build more prisons!

Police must also strictly enforce gun laws, jailing people who illegally possess firearms.
Stronger enforcement! More jail time!

Unfortunately, the powerful gun lobby ties the hands of cops by blocking laws to keep guns away from outlaws.
Wow. That's not even a little bit true. comes the explanation:

Among these are measures to limit bulk purchases of guns and to impose background checks on every gun purchase. Foes of gun violence in Milwaukee must push such measures.
Limit the rights of the law-abiding with measures that won't stop criminals from arming themselves.

How about letting the law-abiding carry weapons, themselves? Oh, right - the Journal Sentinel believes that would only cause more violence.

More violence than took place this weekend? In a city they tell us is already rampant with firearms?


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