Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Heads Up

For some time it had bothered me that Grandpa John and Todd had been fully delinquent in their posting duties on this blog. After acquiring some new equipment, however, I have been able to read their minds and have assessed much accumulated data to realize that neither has much to add to the normal, brilliant commentary that takes place here.


"Conspiracy theorists, beware: That aluminum foil beanie—headwear believed, since at least the 1950s, to stop brain-control rays—may make it easier for The Man to read your mind, according to Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad students. Inspired by fringe beliefs that invasive radio signals can probe citizens’ thoughts and that wearing foil on your head may fend them off, an experiment by four Ph.D. candidates found that certain key frequencies—owned by the Feds, naturally—are actually enhanced by such “protection.”"

"...the subjects wore one of three double-layered foil helmets: the “classical” (foil hood wrapped close to the head), the “fez” (cylindrical, flat-topped hat) and the “centurion” (conical shape with a peak)." (Grandpa John prefers the 'centurion', while Todd favors the 'classical'.)

Way back in the '70's my crew and I discovered that total protection required THREE layers of tin foil covering the head in the shape of a PYRAMID. This, with the proper usage of certain 'medications' and growth of facial hair also allowed for the assimilation of the wisdom of the Universe.

M.I.T., PTUI! Kids still wet behind the ears.


Todd said...

Okay, first, I can't even keep my own damn blog going, how am I supposed to post here too? Second, everyone knows it's not the shape of the tinfoil, it's the quality. Buy your tinfoil at some garden variety grocery store? Take your chances.

And no, I'm not telling where mine comes from.

Steve said...

Down in Texas I lived close to both an Alcoa plant and a Reynolds. I stocked up with top grade Al.