Friday, June 02, 2006

Say What?

Here are some excerpts from a 1997 Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling concerning one lawyer's denial to admission to Wisconsin's Bar:

" the Board's conclusion that Mr. Heckmann has demonstrated that he lacks the integrity and candor required of persons admitted to practice law in this state. Accordingly, we affirm the Board's decision declining to certify Mr. Heckmann's satisfaction of the character and fitness requirement for bar admission."...

"...the Board's decision was based, as it reflects on his possession of the character traits to be expected of persons admitted to the practice of law, warrant denying his admission at this time, but we permit him to reapply after two years, during which he may demonstrate that he has the necessary character and fitness for admission."

Yikes! This Heckmann dude must really be the scum of the earth.

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