Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

One of the many recent public flaps that has turned into meaningless assertions followed by incumbent rejoinders is the issue of patriotism.

"Are you questioning my patriotism?" is usually a passive/aggressive attack by one who will not or cannot defend his stance on the issue that is actually under discussion. In other words, let's change the subject.

The Greek root for patriotism is pater, meaning 'father'. So my question for Liberals on this day is, "Who's your Daddy?" (such a clever way of calling someone a bastard.)

Leave it to me to politicize Father's Day.

Happy Pater's Day, everyone.


tee bee said...

And what was the commercial for P-Day we heard on the radio?

Woman's voice: "It's a shame Father's Day isn't taken as seriously as Mother's Day, even though Dad won't ask for directions, can't cook without charcoal, etc. etc. etc., he's still dad and we love him..."

I was horrified at the back-handed approach to a day of appreciation, and L was verklempt.

tee bee said...

PS When are we going to do stump burgers in Afton? I leave the state for three weeks next Monday.

Al said...

There's something wrong with charcoal?

Explain that to me so I can write a post on it over at Bourgeois Philistine.