Monday, July 03, 2006

Proud to be a Cheesehead?
Thank a Burri!

Robert Burri, Swiss bacteriologist, born July 13, 1867, Cham; died May 16, 1952*, Bern.

"1895-1899 he was an assistant at the agricultural-chemical experimental institute in Zürich. From 1897 he worked in agricultural bacteriology, and from 1899 to 1907 he was head of the Swiss institute for dairy industry and bacteriology at Bern-Liebefeld."

"Burri is reckoned a pioneer in milk- and dairy bacteriology. Of particular importance is his ink procedure for microscopically controlled production of bacterial monocultures, as smear procedure in vitro for anaerobics, and the anaerobic closure of test tubes."

"Robert Burri was a corresponding member of the American Society for Microbiology from 1919. In 1945 he was president of the World Federation/association of dairy industries."

Associated eponyms:

Burri's single cell culture
A bacterial monoculture.

Burri's procedure
A procedure using ink for negative demonstration of microorganisms.

Burri's staining method
Method for investigating nonstained bacteria on stained ground.

*(While on his deathbed, Robert fretted that there would be no one to carry on the Burri name with class and dignity. When he finally received the news that I was born 3 days earlier (no internet in 1952), he became overjoyed and was able to die peacefully with a big, cheesy smile on his face.)

Bonus for tee bee!

Proud to be an Apiarian?- Thank a Burri!

"...One year later, at the meeting of Swiss beekeepers on the 28th of August 1904 in Sarnen, Burri presented his results on American foul brood. By means of a bacteriological test he was able to show, that the so called foul brood disease consisted in fact of two different diseases, American and European foul brood, both caused by specific bacteria."

"It was important for the foundation of the bee research unit in Liebefeld, that Robert Burri, the discoverer of the European foul brood, was nominated head of the Liebefeld Research Institute in 1907."

Moral of the story: Burris have helped with the foul brood, but as for a foul mood... you're on your own.

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tee bee said...

You are a nut! A nut with a genuine Wisconsin hero in the woodpile - cheese and bees. If only he'd been a beermaker, he'd have the three miracles in the bag for Wisconsin Sainthood.

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