Monday, September 25, 2006

Style and Substance

Gagdad Bob sure has a way of expressing his opinion without ambiguity or wasting words:

"One is struck (ouch!) at how absent this gladitude is in the two grim angriologies of our day, Islamism and leftism. Strangely, Ahmadinejad is always smiling, and yet his only humor is quite tensional and headache inducing. And the Tourette’s left of dailykuss and huffingandpissed is an unrelieved stream of anger and unfactive."

"Here again, this is another reason why gliberal talk radio will always suckceedngly, because the left can never make fun of so much that is eminently jokeworthy--for excremplement, Ahamdinejad and Chavez, Howard Dean and Jesse Jackson, the hordes of feminist shemales and their feminized femaniacal consorts such as Johns Kerry and Edwards. The left’s laughty loondry list of sacred cowpies is so long and malodorous, that any humor that doesn’t involve hating President Bush is bound to offend one of their conflatulencies, so in a mallard of time it gets terdious very quackily, not to mention blasfumy."

Heh! To that I have nothing to odd.


Todd said...

'Angriology.' I like it. I'm gonna use that.

Steve said...

I left a comment on your post about Ann Coulter's book. It is there although your blog still lists 0 comments.