Friday, October 06, 2006

The List

One interesting occurence shadowing the Mark Foley sex-by-instant-message affair has been the report of a list going around that 'outs' top-level Republican congressional aides who are gay.

There are two basic conservative responses to 'The List'. One is that the Democrats are desiring to deter Evangelical Christians from their support of the Republican Party. The second is that the Democrats are showing themselves as hypocrites and 'gay-bashers'. Although both responses have much merit, they don't quite hit the bullseye.

For the Democrats this is not technically 'gay bashing'. It is gay Republican/Conservative bashing. Since these gays are off the Liberal reservation, they are not truly gay after all. Just as a Black Conservative has forsaken his blackness and is called an Oreo or an Uncle Tom, a conservative homosexual is not truly gay and is called an Aunt Bruce (or Bruthe). Another analogous example is Senator Joe Lieberman. One toenail strayed over the party line and he was thrown under the bus.

"I am not surprised that this is where we are headed. But my question is…. why have our national gay organizations (HRC, Log Cabin, NGLTF) not stepped in to stop this witchhunt which originated on the Gay Left in the first place? I think we know the answer. Tolerance and diversity of opinion is a one-way street for the Gay Liberals and their masters in the Democrat Party."--The Gay Patriot

One gay Congressional aide, wishing to remain anonymous, told me, "We wanted to fight back by compiling a list of Liberals who were fully straight, but the list came up empty. Even Bill Clinton prefered fellating a cigar over succumbing to Monica's feminine wiles."

Washington, where morality is legislated, is a nasty place.

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grumps said...

Or it could be out there because of a Republican looking to clear the ranks.

After hearing the drivel Ray LaHood was spouting last weekend, that's more likely.