Thursday, November 16, 2006

Surprising Republican Backlash

According to this article in USAToday, dated November 8th:

ORLANDO (AP) — A tornado leveled four buildings in Seminole County and damaged 40 others, but caused no serious injuries, officials said Wednesday.

The twister touched down Tuesday evening in this Orlando suburb. The National Weather Service confirmed Wednesday it was a "strong F1," a ranking that ranges from 73 mph to 112 mph. Building inspectors were surveying the damage.

And this article in The Canadian Press, dated November 16th:

RIEGELWOOD, N.C. (AP) - A tornado flipped cars, shredded trees and ripped mobile homes to pieces in this little riverside community early Thursday, killing at least eight people, authorities said.

The disaster brought the two-day death toll to 12, after a devastating line of thunderstorms swept across the South.

In Louisiana, a man died Wednesday when a tornado struck his home. In South Carolina, a utility worker checking power lines Thursday during the storm was electrocuted. In North Carolina, two people died in car crashes as heavy rain pounded the state, dropping as much as 12 centimetres in some areas.

The storm also caused minor flooding in the Washington area, where rescuers grabbed several people stranded in their vehicles, and slowed commuters as far north as Newark, N.J.

Back in the day when my long hair and full beard were intended for use as antennae to receive messages from the speaking universe, I learned many many heretofore unmentionable secrets. My friends all thought it was the acid, but I knew that I had found many mystical truths that even were denied to Timothy Leary. These days, if I let my hair grow a little too long or don't shave well enough or soon enough, I may still hear astronomical speech. Today, in concert with the two articles quoted above, I received another tidbit of great stunnation.

It is a good thing that hurricane season was over before the November elections, but I fear greatly for the East Coast and the Gulf Coast next summer because...

Who knew Gaia was a Republican?

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