Thursday, November 09, 2006

You Tell Us, Jon

In reaction against the passage of the Wisconsin Marriage Amendment, State Senator Jon Erpenbach, (D) Middleton, announced that he was going to introduce a proposal during the next legislative session to amend the Wisconsin Constitution to ban discrimination.

Let's see... Equal pay and taxes for every citizen of Wisconsin, Kayla and Mitchell allowed to drive, required rooting equally for the Packers, Badgers, Wolverines, and Bears, fetuses allowed to abort their mothers, rats and cockroaches added to protected and endangered list, Democrats and their issues being reported favorably in the MSM, Amanita on all mushroom pizzas, voting made illegal as it requires discrimination...

What will the picket signs say? "Life Unfair, Boycott Excellence!"

1 comment:

triticale said...

No thank you. I eat psilocybe drug mushrooms a few times a year, and have zero interest in aminitas. A dissasociative with a lethel dose a mere six times the effective one? I'd sooner remain at baseline. Besides, the temperature at which pizza is baked will destroy almost any drugs.