Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I've Learned by Experience-
Don't Piss Off a Nurse!

John Stossel writes on about the controversy concerning a themed restaurant in Tempe, Arizona.

"The motto at the popular Heart Attack Grill in Tempe, Ariz., is: "Taste ... worth dying for!" That's because it serves only artery-clogging food like big hamburgers (the biggest is called the "Quadruple Bypass") and "Flatliner Fries," which are boiled in lard."

"And, oh, yes, the waitresses wear sexy costumes."

"What upset the government was that the Heart Attack Grill waitresses call themselves "nurses."" [...]

"The Board of Nursing would not talk to me about this, but Sandy Summers of the Center for Nursing Advocacy was eager to explain what bothers many nurses. "It's not only the Heart Attack Grill. It's the whole 'naughty nurse' image," she said. Her group says that stereotype kills thousands of people, because it creates a nursing shortage by discouraging women from becoming nurses."

""It's a constant association of sex and nursing that we object to. And it creates an environment where people actually think that nurses are people you can have anonymous sex with, these, these brainless sluts.""

Stossel asks, "Should doctors be upset about Dr. Pepper?"

My question to Sandy is, "Are you calling these waitresses brainless sluts?"

Neither the National Waitress Association nor the International Brainless Slut Association could be reached for comment.

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