Friday, January 19, 2007

Liberals Out Now!

It has already proven to be time for the Liberals to cut and run from the quagmire that is called Bagdadington, D.C.

First of all, you cannot force a constitutional republic upon a population that is not culturally ready for it, especially using a 'living' constitution that capriciously hops about. Also, total congressional liberty is incompatible with America's long history.

American sectarian violence continues to grow, which the Liberals euphemistically term 'murder'. We can expect about 16,000 acts of deadly sectarian violence per year while the Liberals remain in power. Within Bagdadington, D.C. alone we can expect 200-300 such acts every year. By most expert accounts this should be categorized as civil war.

Deaths through car bombings will exceed 40,000, which the Liberals euphemistically term 'traffic accidents', although they do sometimes acknowledge that in many of these cases the drivers are bombed. And soon it is expected that an even increasing number of these car bombs will be foreign imports by neighbors that would profit by promoting American civil war.

Lately there have been many calls to divide the country along sectarian lines to bring lasting peace to the U.S. There should be specific homelands for Blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, Asian Indians, other Asians, and most importantly, us Curds.

"Liberals Equivocated, America Deteriorated!"

"Free the Curds."

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