Friday, February 09, 2007

Idols Among Atheists

Written and published nearly 25 years ago, Herbert Schlossberg's book, Idols for Destruction, Christian Faith and It's Confrontation with American Society has accurately portrayed the development of idolatry in America as it progresses in abandoning the Christian faith. These idols are not the classic versions of those made of wood, stone, or precious metals, but are man-made icons nonetheless. They lead their worshippers in paths of destruction, both within and without.

In his chapter titled, 'Idols of Power', Schlossberg discusses the Leftist doctrine of 'State Power- Healer of All Ills'.

[Paraphrasing Walter Lippmann] "...those who press for the expansion of state power do so because they have a doctrine that misery and disorder can be rectified by compulsion, that happiness comes from the state. When the application of that principle produces further disorder, they do not abandon the docrtine but rather call for the intensification of its application, since they have nothing else to recommend."

[...]"...with a record of fatuous incompetence, dishonest, irrationality, and bloody repression almost beyond description, statism nevertheless boasts a hoard of fanatical adherents. Ignorant devotees or cunning and cynical hypocrits, they give it power and, equipped with modern technologies, make it a fierce and implacable enemy."

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Ryan Jankowski said...

We have recently added Schlossberg's chapter 5 of 'Idols for Destruction' to our audio collection and is available free for anyone that might be interested.

God bless!