Monday, February 12, 2007

Oh, No!! Mr. Bill!!

James Taranto publishes a reader's letter in response to Ellen Goodman, et al.'s assertion that the Global Warming debate is over. Here are the final portions of Marlon McAvoy's letter:

"So, Ellen, you know I gotta see that debate. DVD, VHS, heck, a written transcript would be great. Natch, I'll cover all expenses. I mean, holy cow. It's the greatest drubbing in the history of intellectual warfare; there is not one single word of debate about the entire debate. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?! The biggest laugher in history, without a single trace. HOW? There's already a zillion Colt tributes from this year's Super Bowl; you're telling me NOBODY YouTubed this fate-of-the-world conflict? And come ON! The whole debate, start to finish, couldn't have run 15 seconds. It's not like this was Ali-Frazier. Not even Tyson-Spinks. Nope, this had to be Godzilla-Bambi."

"Well, guess what? I SAW that Godzilla versus Bambi matchup, in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in 1982. Here, I'll share it. Remember this isn't a recap, Ellen; this is the entire dang fight:

Godzilla by squash-out, a quarter-second in."

"See? The global warming debate had to be something like that. So...can I see it now?"

In appreciation,

Marlon McAvoy

Yeah! What HE said!

A C-Span Sports Network exclusive.

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