Monday, February 12, 2007


From an AP News story titled '5 Grammys Mark Dixie Chicks' Comeback' on

"The Dixie Chicks won all five awards they were nominated for, sweet vindication after the superstars' lives were threatened and sales plummeted when Maines criticized President Bush on the eve of the Iraq war in 2003. Almost overnight, one of the most successful groups of any genre was boycotted by Nashville and disappeared from country radio."

Sweet vindication? Perhaps, unless the majority of Recording Academy voters suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome. In that case the sweet vindication would find its analog in NAMBLA's sweet vindication of a convicted child molester.

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Billiam said...

My issue with the wenches wasn't what they said. It's where they chose to say it. I agree with you though. BDS to the extreme.