Saturday, February 17, 2007

Squandering Cultural Capital

While living in South Texas, I would abhor the sight of a snowbird's RV with the bumper sticker stating, "We're Spending Our Children's Inheritance." Of course it was their money and they had the right. But, to me, it pointed toward the larger AARP attitude of squandering our nation's inheritance.

In 1702, Cotton Mather finished his 6 volume history of New England, Magnalia Christi Americana. One observation within this tome stated, "Religion begat prosperity, and the daughter devoured the mother."


Al said...

I just put up a couple posts on William Wilberforce, speaking of the 18th century. Opposite end, though.

I think Steve and Lance would like him. Don't know about Jack and Todd.

Steve said...

I did a post on Wilberforce for Black History month, too.

Jack and Todd would like the results of his efforts even if they would not appreciate his Theology.

Al said...

That's a good post, Steve.