Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Suffering, The Villians, and The Heroes

Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr, MD, opines about the American Liberal mindset:

A very large portion of the population is suffering; they are suffering because they are deprived, neglected, exploited or abused.

They are suffering because of certain injustices inflicted upon them.

They are helpless to stop their suffering.

Bad people, such as capitalists and the rich, cause the victims to suffer by depriving, neglecting, exploiting and abusing them.

These bad people are villains who must be stopped from preying on their victims.

The villains are ruthless, powerful, selfish, cruel and mean spirited.

The bad institutions supported by the villains are economic, social and political in nature; they include free market capitalism, basic property rights, strict moral and ethical accountability, reasonable social decorum, personal and financial responsibility, individual sovereignty, and justice based on merit and desert.

Modern liberals are heroes whose mission is to rescue the victims from the villains.

Modern liberals are compassionate, wise, empathetic and nurturing.

Because the villains and their institutions are ruthless and powerful, the people need a powerful liberal government, The Modern Parental State, to protect them from the villains and the institutions supported by the villains. [...]

Much of the suffering of the victims comes from too much freedom in economic markets, which allows the villains to exploit the victims for unjust gain. [...]

Some of the suffering of the victims comes from too little social freedom and too many restrictions on behavior in social situations.

The Modern Parental State will lower the standards of social conduct in order to free the victimized citizen from guilt and from adverse legal consequences when he acts criminally, irresponsibly or offensively.

The whole article is quite interesting.

Paul Jacob, in a similar vein also writes:

Many amongst our elite opinion leaders find government “Of the people” so passé. Yes, they’re all for government for the people, and plenty of it: Nanny-state government run by them. But government “by the people?” Egads, no.

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