Friday, March 02, 2007

For $1,000
It Had Better Be a Large Screen HD

Eric Peters, in The American Spectator writes an article titled, 'Mandatory Back-Up Cameras?'

"Should back-up cameras (designed to prevent kids from being run over by vehicles moving in reverse) be mandatory equipment in every new car sold? If legislation introduced by Sens. Hillary Clinton and John Sununu -- the Cameron Gulbransen Kids and Cars Safety Act -- is signed into law, they will be."

But, never fear, gentle American citizen, if the extra cost cuts your food budget, the government schools will feed them. If you have to cut medical care expenses, the government will provide universal health care. If you have to cut the heat and can't afford gasoline, Governor Doyle will tax the hell out of them. (I know that won't help you, but Governor Doyle will feel better.)


"A parent who needs a TV screen to keep him from running over his children is doing a lousy job raising them."

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