Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Probably Hung Out With Lars

Lars Walker reminisces in The American Spectator, 'Furl the Freak Flag, Already':

"We revered something called "authenticity" back in the Sixties. Dressing neatly, grooming ourselves, even basic hygiene -- all such activities were condemned as "plastic." Conformist. Hypocritical. Real beauty sprang from the heart, we told each other, and anyone blind to such beauty had, like, no soul, man. The really authentic thing, of course, would have been to wear no clothes at all, but where that wasn't practical (like in February in Minnesota, where I lived then and live now), decency demanded dressing like a Biafran refugee and smelling like a dog's bed."

"It never occurred to us, in our innocence (no, let's be honest -- our arrogance), that inner beauty might also involve some small concern for the noses of others, and that cleaning up, smelling good, and covering ourselves with attractive clothing might also be a way of striving for greater peace and universal consciousness in the world."

Oh, wow, maaan! Authentic-good, plastic-bad, nonconformity-good, Soul-good, Biafra-bad, nekkid-good. Lars is like far out spiffy, outta sight groovy, maaan!

Lars, maaan, stop bogartin' that doobie, maaan! Peace, Bro!

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